Project 8: Federal Work-Study

Judith Scott-Clayton–CCRC

This project will use two waves of the nationally representative Beginning Postsecondary Student survey (BPS:96-01 and BPS:04-09) to study the effects of access to the Federal Work Study (FWS) program on educational and labor market outcomes (including persistence, degree completion, student loan debt, and post-college employment). The researchers will examine whether students are in jobs that are related to their studies and whether and in what ways students think current employment affects their academic and future labor market prospects.

Research Findings:

Should Student Employment Be Subsidized? Conditional Counterfactuals and the Outcomes of Work-Study Participation (A CAPSEE Working Paper)

Related Publications:

What Explains Trends in Labor Supply Among U.S. Undergraduates, 1970–2009? (An NBER Working Paper)

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